Youth Spotlight: Cameron Dever



Cameron Faith Dever

Pink, purple, blue, red, and sparkles – just like her favorite colors – Cameron is

warm, bright, and vibrant! Fifteen now and rapidly approaching sixteen with her

driver’s permit in hand, Cameron is the youngest by nineteen years of four sisters

with a younger brother Joey.

She loves little children and is adored by her many nieces and nephews. Endlessly

patient, she spends hours with them reading, playing dress up, putting together

performances, playing in the pool, or just snuggling.

Cameron loves to be active and loves to perform! She has played the piano for

several years, and has also dabbled with the violin, cello, clarinet, and guitar. She

enjoys acting and has been in local and school theatre performances as an orphan

in Annie, a Hollywood Star in And Then There Was One, the Wicked Witch in The

Wizard of Oz, and most recently as a singing and dancing hippie in a high school

production of Sweet & Innocent.

Wizard of Oz and misc March 2012 096 (2)

Cameron enjoys playing all sports and has excelled on the soccer field on an All

Star team, a club team, and on the high school JV team. Her recreational activities

include hiking, camping, fishing, singing, listening to music, and tormenting her

younger brother. An animal lover, she has at one time or another cared for bearded

dragons, gerbils, baby chicks, various lost or injured wild baby rabbits and birds,

and a HUGE black and white rat. She currently has two rescue cats, and shares a

beagle and two desert tortoises with her brother.

In the summertime, she enjoys visiting her sister in southern California and living

the beach life, and plans to attend college in California so she can be near the


True to her values, Cameron is a shining example of honesty, compassion, and

love for her family and friends.

Through INSPIRE she has found a beautiful way to express her inner beauty, the

beauty of the world around her, and her love for the Savior.

This is a recording from a voice lesson with Cameron singing with her teacher an original song by Hillary Abplanalp called We Believe.