INSPIRE International Service Tours

Our service tours aim to fulfill our mission of “lifting hearts and encouraging others through music, education, and service” and in July of 2018, INSPIRE will be leading its third international tour to Costa Rica to continue fulfilling that mission.

To reserve your spot on tour, please follow the steps listed below. Submissions must be received by November 22, 2017 along with the first deposit.

  1. Email with your full name(s) (as it appears on your passport) and your date(s) of birth

  2. Pay the non-refundable deposit of $400 to INSPIRE Music one of 3 ways:

    • Checks made out to INSPIRE Music

    • QuickPay with Zelle (works with most major banks). Send payments to

    • Cash (Franklins, Grants, Jacksons, Hamiltons, Lincolns, Jeffersons, and Washingtons accepted) 🙂

If you want to help but can’t come on tour, consider donating funds that help enable our youth to come on tour and provide the means whereby INSPIRE can purchase supplies and materials for the countries it visits.

Dominican Republic Tour – 2017

INSPIRE Music.Service.Hope’s mission is to lift hearts and inspire others through music, education, and service. In an effort to help those in need, INSPIRE led a music service tour to the Dominican Republic last year. Here are some highlights of the good that was done while INSPIRE was there.

Video and photo cred: Leave It to Leavitt Photography. (

Bogota Tour – 2016

INSPIRE went to Bogota, Colombia

In May 2016 INSPIRE: music.service.hope and INSPIRE Entertainment joined forces to to experience a trip of lifetime in Bogota, Colombia. INSPIRE took 55 youth/adults to Bogota for 8 days and crammed them full of performances, service, food, and lots of fun bus rides.

Some highlights of the trip included taking a tram up to Mt. Monserrate, exploring the salt caves in the Salt Cathedral at Zipaquera, performing for the cutest old people at La Manuelita, a retirement home, delivering much needed supplies to schools, playing and eating with local students, lots of singing, dancing, and fun filled bus rides.

One favorite that stands out for a lot of those that went on tour was the day we went to a Deaf Special Needs Orphanage. We got paint a mural, learn some Spanish Sign Language and Spanish dancing, and have a great time playing with the kids.

This tour was a dream come. It took a lot of work but in the end it was absolutely worth every minute! We have already started planning our next tour so be sure and come back here often for updates!!!

For pictures and to see more of what we did in Bogota please check out our Instagram: @inspiremsh1