INSPIRE: Youth Spotlight–Kennadi Yardley


If you Could Be A SuperHero You Would Be: I would be invisawomen!

“I sing because….” It brings me closer to the spirit.

What is one of the decisions you have made in your life that has made the greatest impact? When I decided to play basketball.

What is your current favorite song? My favorite song is Back to One by Brian McKnight.

What is one big dream you have that you hope comes true? To play in the WNBA

Tell us a little about you’re family? I have 14 people in my family and every single one of us are different. Our house can be crazy at times!

INSPIRE: Youth (15-18) Spotlight: Sarah Chapple

Sarah Chapple


Sarah Chapple, Alto

1. If you could trade one of your weaknesses for someone’s strength what would they be and why? (your weakness, their strength)?

I would trade my anxiety and worry for the ability to have complete confidence in myself and others and not give up too easily because sometimes I am too realistic. Or the ability to fly, that would be cool, too!

2. What is one thing that you are truly passionate about?

Being yourself. Nobody wants to get to know the fake you, and both  you nad them will be happier if you are who you are.  It’s the best you you  can be!

3. If you had no constraints what would do with your life right now?

I would go to a third world country and build homes or teach students, and explore the world!!!! Bring all my friends and family and never have to come home.

4. Who is one person in your life that truly inspired you?

Aurora Florence Dickamore.  Emma Smith in Nauvoo Pageant, great husband, passionate, chases her goals, broadway, temple, etc.

 5. If you could learn about one subject instantly and without effort what would it be? why?

Sign Language, because how cool to be able to talk to everyone!!! and i think it’s beautiful:)

 6. If you could switch places with someone for a day who would you choose?

Someone in another country to experience an entirely new culture! Maybe Spain or Ireland:)

INSPIRE Spotlight: Lance Norman


Lance Norman, Bass

If you could be a Superhero You would be:
I think I’d be Ironman – love technology and all the things that are possible with it.  Other than having the little reactor in my chest, it would be awesome to fly and do all the stuff he is able to do for other people!

One Unique Thing Nobody would know about me:
 I’ll give you two –  #1 – at one time I considered becoming a professional Chef because I love to cook and make things that really taste great.  #2 –  I love working with tools or devices and learning/trying new things.  I recently discovered that I like working with fiber – like Wool or Alpaca and learning how to spin it into Yarn which can then be made into things like hats, sweaters, etc.  It’s amazing how operating a Spinning Wheel and creating something can calm and center you!  Great stress relief!

If you had 60 minutes of Freetime what would you do with it:
I’m sure part of it would be spent with my Family and making memories, but more than likely, there would be a book involved or doing Photography!

One thing on your Bucketlist:
There are so many to choose from!  I’ve always had a desire to try Skydiving – but they would probably have to push me out of the plane when it came time to jump!

I sing because:
 Music is part of who I am! From the time I was a little Boy I’ve always loved music of all kinds and been involved creating it. I’ve been blessed with an incredible ear to hear it and possible harmonies to the melody.
I’ve tried to live life without a musical outlet during College when I was so busy in Pharmacy School and it was absolutely miserable for me!  I didn’t do as well in my classes that semester because I need that outlet that Music provides.  There is something about Music that transcends words and ends up being spirit talking to spirit somehow. The Spirit is augmented and invited by music and is incredibly powerful!  Messages are carried directly to the heart and profoundly affect the people involved with it whether creating it or listening to it.  I think it is part of the Spark of Life!
 Next to Music, my next great love is Photography!  It started when I was a teenager and has continued all my life. There are so many facets to it.  Part of it is about preserving memories, but an even bigger part is opening yourself up to the incredible beauty that surrounds us everyday in so many different ways.  In order to capture the shots, you have to get out and experience life and it’s challenges.  You have to be there!  It proves to me that there is a Creator who organized this world with so many variations and so much beauty that it can overwhelm the senses at times.  I love that it uses light to create moods, feelings, and communicate.  Most of all, it forces me in my crazy life to slow down, breathe, be grateful, and notice the amazing details and similarities that are everywhere in this world and actually see them – sometimes for the first time.

INSPIRE Spotlight: Trevor Sexton



Trevor Sexton, Bass

1. Why Medical School?
Med school? I chose Naturopathic Medical school because I love to help people who are not feeling well to feel better. I like to help sad people feel happy and hurt people feel good. Addressing the deep underlying issue is one of the best ways that healing can begin. Then they get to live life more fully.

2. I know you like videography but what is it about making films, movies, that draws you?
 As a hobby, and for some extra money I do the videography because it is fun. I think the more entertaining any presentation is the more memorable. Also, it goes back to helping people feel good, because they laugh. It really is just another form of art.

3. You’ve been in the dating scene for a long time and I’m curious about one thing you have learned in that process?
 One thing I’ve learned in the process of dating is that you must love and respect yourself. This attracts the same type of person to you and when things don’t go right, your relationship with God is most important to maintain happiness.

4. I happen to know you can play the trumpet with your mouth whilst playing the piano. What other “tricks” do you have up your sleeve?
 A fun trick I have that most don’t know is I can twist balloon animals. I learned as a 14 year old and worked at restaurants twisting. Good extra money for a young kid.

5. Being so busy I am sure it is hard to balance your time. I know this feeling. So what is it about INSPIRE that keeps you coming back?
 Inspire keeps me coming because I love the spirit the songs bring to any fireside and I love how people respond to the strength or healing they feel when they hear this Inspiring music. I love to sing.

6. If you could learn about one subject instantly and without effort what would it be? why?
The subject I’d like to learn is the day to day life of prominent people in history. Is that a subject? Maybe to get ahold of journals from Moses and Mormon to George Washington and George Bush. It’d be interesting to see people for who they really were according to my interpretation. 🙂

Sorry Ladies—this guy recently got engaged! I am biased b/c I know his fiance but I think she is seriously incredible!

Trevor 2

INSPIRE Spotlight: Ryan Young

Ryan Young, Tenor
1. Please tell us a little more about the other choir you sing with?

 I sing with the Sonoran Desert Chorale. The chorale is in it’s 20th season. The Choir is made up of school choir directors, vocal performance majors and regular Joe’s like me. The founder of the group was my High School Choir direct Jeff Harris. The music he selects is fun and challenging to sing they do all types of music. Hopefully. everyone will be able to catch a concert sometime.

2. What is one of your favorite things about being married? 

Having a person who understands you in every way even before you tell them. That is something that I have grown to love about my Awesome, beautiful ,special, understanding and did I say beautiful wife.


3. If you could create your own business (money is no worry) what would it be? 

This may sound strange but, I always wanted to have a hotel that did musical themed stays, and the people that worked there would all be performers from the bell hop to the housekeeping.  Maybe even throwing in some murder mystery.

4. What is one of the decisions you have made in your life that has made the greatest impact?

 Without a doubt my wife Rebecca, she completes me in every way, she has made me the man I am today. So if you don’t like me it is her fault.

5. What is your favorite snack?
Anything with CHEESE!!!

6. What do you seem to spend a lot of time worrying about? 

The future of my 7 wonderful children. Where they will be in school, their families and the legacy I will hopefully leave for them.

INSPIRE Spotlight: Amy Honka



Amy Honka, Soprano

1. What is one thing that you are truly passionate about? I am passionate about music, missionary work, working with people…and LIFE!!! Once a month I have the opportunity to participate in a training seminar with Accomplishment Coaching in San Diego. It’s training for what I am now doing for a living. I am a life coach. It’s awesome. I get to help people discover what they want in their life, what’s stopping them, and supporting them in getting there. It’s amazing to talk with people about their lives and what makes coaching valuable. These training weekends are intesive and I come away exhausted and exhiliarated as a coach. 

2. At one point you were managing  the orchestra for EVMCO. What was one of your favorite parts of that role? what was one the hardest parts? As Orchestra Manager with Millennial Choirs and Orchestras I felt like I was living a dream.  It was everything I loved wrapped up into one amazing experience.  My favorite part was being the person that people came to with challenges- personally or within the orchestra.  It was like every day brought a new adventure on how we could improve unity, vision, and purpose within the orchestra.  I also loved teaming with the leadership of MCO- their vision and passion infused a great sense of purpose into my life.  The least favorite part of that volunteer experience turned out to the be the tedious minutia I dealt with daily.  Out of small things proceedeth that which is great I would remind myself.  Hours upon hours of details to take care of was overwhelming.  And it never ended.  I came to greatly appreciate people who work behind the scenes for their time, energy, and dedication.  I would do it again in heartbeat.
3.  Aside from music what do you do? Aside from music,  what do I do?  Now that’s a funny question.  Music is much of my life.  I sing with INSPIRE, perform flute with Millennial Choirs and Orchestras, and as a solo and chamber ensemble musician.  I also manage my private flute and piano studio, enjoying the successes of students on a weekly basis.  But what else?  My time is filled with hiking, mountain biking, canyoneering, rock climbing, and anything outdoors.  I love to adventure.
4. Some weekends you slip away to San Diego. Besides, kickin’ it with your brother what are you doing out there? Answered above.
5. If you could pick 3 words to describe yourself what would they be? Energetic.  Creative.  Leader.
6.  If you had no constraints what would do with your life right now? I would love to backpack through Europe and  hike and canyoneer all the beautiful places of the earth.

INSPIRE Spotlight: Troy Hatch

Wedding pic











Troy Hatch, Tenor

1. How did you meet your beautiful wife? I met Sherry at institute back in 2011. I was on the institute council and was in my last year on the council. I had seen Sherry there a few times and wanted to talk to her, but she always seemed to escape out the door after the lessons were over. So one day I had to chase her outside, which I did and ended up getting her number and called later that week to set up a date which was that weekend. We dated for over a year and then I proposed and was married a few months later in December. We have been married almost a year…December 28th.

2. When did you start singing and how long and in what capacity have you been singing? Believe it or not, but I never sang in High School. I thought that guys were weird that sang, but then again I wish I would have started sooner. There was a group called Sound Celebration that did a fireside in the ward that I grew up in, in Tempe. I was forced in a way to go since it was a ward sponsored fireside. There was a girl that I thought was cute and so I talked my twin sister into auditioning for the group with me as I was embarrassed just for the sole purpose of trying to get to know this girl. Little did I know that I would actually like singing, and it all started from there. I started singing in 1998 just after I graduated High School and have been singing ever since. With Sound Celebration, we toured California, Utah, Arizona, and Hawaii. I was even able to put together a CD demo for Kenneth Cope in 1996, but never did anything to move it forward. I’m hoping to change this trend as I would love to produce a CD but on a larger scale. I’m truly grateful for Inspire which enables me to share my talent while being able to improve on my skills with amazing talent around me.

3. Do you play another instrument? I have played the flute, baritone euphonium, trumpet, piano, and currently I am trying to learn the guitar.


4. What is something you are passionate about? I am passionate about singing, and want to continue to get better. I would love to produce a CD as well. I’m also passionate about what I do for work. I enjoy educating people on how to improve their life physically but financially as I do financial consulting.

5. What is one thing on your bucket list you hope to make happen this year? My goal is to travel the world. I would love to see the church history sites and I would love to take my spouse on a cruise.

6. How did you hear about INSPIRE and what keeps you coming back to the group? I was invited to a musical fireside by some friends and was impressed by the talent and felt that I could do it as well. So I went up after the fireside, and asked how I could get involved…went to an audition, and the rest is history. What keeps bringing me back are the friendships that I’ve been able to make with the members and prior members of the group, but also the spirit that is present in every fireside and practice.

INSPIRE Spotlight: Niki Oakes

Niki Oakes, Soprano
1. How did you hear about INSPIRE and what impact has it made on your life?
A darling girl, and old acquaintance named Annalece Boothe ran into me at a work convention where she immediately told me about Inspire and that I should join. I had been looking for something just like this in my life. After 6 years of inactivity in my faith I was needing something to continue to bring hope and joy to my life.
2. Share with us something you are passionate about?
I have always been passionate about life itself. I never hold back, I try to live every moment to its fullest, with no regrets. I love “letting my light shine”, being my best self. When I am an old woman and my life is coming to an end, I want to be able to look back and say “I truly lived!”
3. What do you do for your day job?
I currently manage the office and do the bookkeeping for a company called Let’s Play Music. We lease an incredible curriculum to teachers nationwide. This 3 year curriculum is designed for kids ages 4-9 and not only teaches basic piano skills but focuses on creating the total musician. Kids learn rhythm, play games, find a love for classical music at a young age, ear training, and even composition. I love the company dearly. It has been incredible to be able to work in my field and also be close to music. 🙂
4. If you could be anywhere on the planet tomorrow where would you chose?
I would be on vacation seeing the world!!! Or Disneyland…actually I’m am sitting in Disneyland right now while writing these answers haha. I love to travel and to see new things and try new food!!
5. Between food, friends,  and entertainment which would you choose and why?
For me one does not exist without the others! Food for me is cultural and social. Same goes for entertainment. When I experience something I enjoy, a taste, a sight, a smell…I immediately want to find someone to share it with. Life is so much more exciting when shared with loved ones.
6. If money weren’t an issue what is the first things you would buy? I would buy a big beach house somewhere exotic! Me, a diet coke, and good book on a porch that looks out over the ocean is my ideal afternoon.