INSPIRE: Youth SPOTLIGHT – Carina Cannon

Photo on 9-11-13 at 6.29 PM #2


Carina Cannon is a member of INSPIRE: Youth and is a super talented 13 year old with an amazing voice and abilities on many instruments.  She is also a trained dancer.  Carina takes private voice an piano and has performed in many venues.  We are excited to get to know Carina better and enjoy her fun personality.  She is such an asset to the group and we are happy to have her.


This is an audio clip of Carina singing “Brave” by Sarah Bareilles during a voice/piano lesson.


1- Do you play an instrument? I play the piano

2- Where is your favorite place to sing? At the piano.

3- Who is your favorite singer/band? Cody Simpson

4- What is your first memory of singing? When I sang at my grandma’s funeral

5- What is something unique about you? I play the harp

6- What is your favorite non-musical thing to do? I love to play volleyball