INSPIRE: Youth (15-18) Spotlight: Sarah Chapple

Sarah Chapple


Sarah Chapple, Alto

1. If you could trade one of your weaknesses for someone’s strength what would they be and why? (your weakness, their strength)?

I would trade my anxiety and worry for the ability to have complete confidence in myself and others and not give up too easily because sometimes I am too realistic. Or the ability to fly, that would be cool, too!

2. What is one thing that you are truly passionate about?

Being yourself. Nobody wants to get to know the fake you, and both  you nad them will be happier if you are who you are.  It’s the best you you  can be!

3. If you had no constraints what would do with your life right now?

I would go to a third world country and build homes or teach students, and explore the world!!!! Bring all my friends and family and never have to come home.

4. Who is one person in your life that truly inspired you?

Aurora Florence Dickamore.  Emma Smith in Nauvoo Pageant, great husband, passionate, chases her goals, broadway, temple, etc.

 5. If you could learn about one subject instantly and without effort what would it be? why?

Sign Language, because how cool to be able to talk to everyone!!! and i think it’s beautiful:)

 6. If you could switch places with someone for a day who would you choose?

Someone in another country to experience an entirely new culture! Maybe Spain or Ireland:)