This video is our first test of a virtual chorus.  We have so many people who want to join our efforts to lift hearts and empower people through music, but they are physically unable to be with us.  Through technology we plan to close that gap and invite the world to join our cause.  We have big plans for more virtual choirs to come so start getting excited because you can be involved.


Nearer My God to Thee

presented by INSPIRE:virtual.chorus

A bit of choral magic through technology. INSPIRE: music.service.hope wanted to create an opportunity for people to be part of a choir regardless of location or circumstance.  This was a trial run with our own members and a few others from Utah, Oklahoma and Arizona.  We hope to build and create many virtual chorus projects in the future.

Thank you Amber Eldrege for sharing the idea and being the motivation behind this work.  This first project was really just a test but we are so excited with how it turned out.  Many thanks to all who were involved.  It took hundreds of takes on the parts of our vocalists and 90 hours of audio and video editing to bring together a full choir virtually.  If you would like to join or be involved in our next project please contact us.