INSPIRE Spotlight: Troy Hatch

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Troy Hatch, Tenor

1. How did you meet your beautiful wife? I met Sherry at institute back in 2011. I was on the institute council and was in my last year on the council. I had seen Sherry there a few times and wanted to talk to her, but she always seemed to escape out the door after the lessons were over. So one day I had to chase her outside, which I did and ended up getting her number and called later that week to set up a date which was that weekend. We dated for over a year and then I proposed and was married a few months later in December. We have been married almost a year…December 28th.

2. When did you start singing and how long and in what capacity have you been singing? Believe it or not, but I never sang in High School. I thought that guys were weird that sang, but then again I wish I would have started sooner. There was a group called Sound Celebration that did a fireside in the ward that I grew up in, in Tempe. I was forced in a way to go since it was a ward sponsored fireside. There was a girl that I thought was cute and so I talked my twin sister into auditioning for the group with me as I was embarrassed just for the sole purpose of trying to get to know this girl. Little did I know that I would actually like singing, and it all started from there. I started singing in 1998 just after I graduated High School and have been singing ever since. With Sound Celebration, we toured California, Utah, Arizona, and Hawaii. I was even able to put together a CD demo for Kenneth Cope in 1996, but never did anything to move it forward. I’m hoping to change this trend as I would love to produce a CD but on a larger scale. I’m truly grateful for Inspire which enables me to share my talent while being able to improve on my skills with amazing talent around me.

3. Do you play another instrument? I have played the flute, baritone euphonium, trumpet, piano, and currently I am trying to learn the guitar.


4. What is something you are passionate about? I am passionate about singing, and want to continue to get better. I would love to produce a CD as well. I’m also passionate about what I do for work. I enjoy educating people on how to improve their life physically but financially as I do financial consulting.

5. What is one thing on your bucket list you hope to make happen this year? My goal is to travel the world. I would love to see the church history sites and I would love to take my spouse on a cruise.

6. How did you hear about INSPIRE and what keeps you coming back to the group? I was invited to a musical fireside by some friends and was impressed by the talent and felt that I could do it as well. So I went up after the fireside, and asked how I could get involved…went to an audition, and the rest is history. What keeps bringing me back are the friendships that I’ve been able to make with the members and prior members of the group, but also the spirit that is present in every fireside and practice.