INSPIRE Spotlight: Trevor Sexton



Trevor Sexton, Bass

1. Why Medical School?
Med school? I chose Naturopathic Medical school because I love to help people who are not feeling well to feel better. I like to help sad people feel happy and hurt people feel good. Addressing the deep underlying issue is one of the best ways that healing can begin. Then they get to live life more fully.

2. I know you like videography but what is it about making films, movies, that draws you?
 As a hobby, and for some extra money I do the videography because it is fun. I think the more entertaining any presentation is the more memorable. Also, it goes back to helping people feel good, because they laugh. It really is just another form of art.

3. You’ve been in the dating scene for a long time and I’m curious about one thing you have learned in that process?
 One thing I’ve learned in the process of dating is that you must love and respect yourself. This attracts the same type of person to you and when things don’t go right, your relationship with God is most important to maintain happiness.

4. I happen to know you can play the trumpet with your mouth whilst playing the piano. What other “tricks” do you have up your sleeve?
 A fun trick I have that most don’t know is I can twist balloon animals. I learned as a 14 year old and worked at restaurants twisting. Good extra money for a young kid.

5. Being so busy I am sure it is hard to balance your time. I know this feeling. So what is it about INSPIRE that keeps you coming back?
 Inspire keeps me coming because I love the spirit the songs bring to any fireside and I love how people respond to the strength or healing they feel when they hear this Inspiring music. I love to sing.

6. If you could learn about one subject instantly and without effort what would it be? why?
The subject I’d like to learn is the day to day life of prominent people in history. Is that a subject? Maybe to get ahold of journals from Moses and Mormon to George Washington and George Bush. It’d be interesting to see people for who they really were according to my interpretation. 🙂

Sorry Ladies—this guy recently got engaged! I am biased b/c I know his fiance but I think she is seriously incredible!

Trevor 2