INSPIRE Spotlight: Ryan Young

Ryan Young, Tenor
1. Please tell us a little more about the other choir you sing with?

 I sing with the Sonoran Desert Chorale. The chorale is in it’s 20th season. The Choir is made up of school choir directors, vocal performance majors and regular Joe’s like me. The founder of the group was my High School Choir direct Jeff Harris. The music he selects is fun and challenging to sing they do all types of music. Hopefully. everyone will be able to catch a concert sometime.

2. What is one of your favorite things about being married? 

Having a person who understands you in every way even before you tell them. That is something that I have grown to love about my Awesome, beautiful ,special, understanding and did I say beautiful wife.


3. If you could create your own business (money is no worry) what would it be? 

This may sound strange but, I always wanted to have a hotel that did musical themed stays, and the people that worked there would all be performers from the bell hop to the housekeeping.  Maybe even throwing in some murder mystery.

4. What is one of the decisions you have made in your life that has made the greatest impact?

 Without a doubt my wife Rebecca, she completes me in every way, she has made me the man I am today. So if you don’t like me it is her fault.

5. What is your favorite snack?
Anything with CHEESE!!!

6. What do you seem to spend a lot of time worrying about? 

The future of my 7 wonderful children. Where they will be in school, their families and the legacy I will hopefully leave for them.