INSPIRE Spotlight: Nate Wengert


Nate Wengert, Bass

1. You have traveled all over the world? What is one of your favorite places and why? And where do you want to go next?
       Yes I’ve been able to see a few places, though I couldn’t say there’s an absolute favorite.  But I think Granada, Spain, and Marrakesh, Morocco, are among the most favorite. I got to study in Granada and things really came together during those months, and Marrakesh was just a whole different magical world.  Next I want to see the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua.
2. You are Arizona home grown and from a little town. What is one of your favorite things about St. Johns, AZ?
      That it is MY hometown.  That it’s full of family and well-known friends who hope the best for me.  That everyone is at the football game on Fridays.  It’s the kind of place they sing about in country music.
3. How did you hear about INSPIRE and why do you keep coming back?
     Once upon a time I was working as a Trailwalker for ANASAZI Foundation, and a coworker Ms. Kyleen Shields came asking if I sing because she’s starting a choir.  I got on board and keep coming back because it’s great to be a part of something awesome and that is a force for good.  
4. Share with us about one of you hobbies?
     I spent a lot of time with Anasazi bands sitting around a campfire with a stick and knife in my hands, so I got a lot of practice at carving things.  I still like to make things out of wood.  
5. If you could be in your dream job what would it be?
     Let’s keep hoping that this Nate’s-Life-Plan-A works out and within 7 years I can be a dentist and doing yearly mission trips to places around the world, especially in Latin America because those places are my favorite.  
6. You are one handsome single guy. What are you looking for in a relationship?
     That she’s not waiting for the world to define her but is busy doing it herself.  That we could road trip for months and still enjoy e/o’s company, and occasionally pull my head out of the clouds to tell me things how they are.