INSPIRE Spotlight: Amy Honka



Amy Honka, Soprano

1. What is one thing that you are truly passionate about? I am passionate about music, missionary work, working with people…and LIFE!!! Once a month I have the opportunity to participate in a training seminar with Accomplishment Coaching in San Diego. It’s training for what I am now doing for a living. I am a life coach. It’s awesome. I get to help people discover what they want in their life, what’s stopping them, and supporting them in getting there. It’s amazing to talk with people about their lives and what makes coaching valuable. These training weekends are intesive and I come away exhausted and exhiliarated as a coach. 

2. At one point you were managing  the orchestra for EVMCO. What was one of your favorite parts of that role? what was one the hardest parts? As Orchestra Manager with Millennial Choirs and Orchestras I felt like I was living a dream.  It was everything I loved wrapped up into one amazing experience.  My favorite part was being the person that people came to with challenges- personally or within the orchestra.  It was like every day brought a new adventure on how we could improve unity, vision, and purpose within the orchestra.  I also loved teaming with the leadership of MCO- their vision and passion infused a great sense of purpose into my life.  The least favorite part of that volunteer experience turned out to the be the tedious minutia I dealt with daily.  Out of small things proceedeth that which is great I would remind myself.  Hours upon hours of details to take care of was overwhelming.  And it never ended.  I came to greatly appreciate people who work behind the scenes for their time, energy, and dedication.  I would do it again in heartbeat.
3.  Aside from music what do you do? Aside from music,  what do I do?  Now that’s a funny question.  Music is much of my life.  I sing with INSPIRE, perform flute with Millennial Choirs and Orchestras, and as a solo and chamber ensemble musician.  I also manage my private flute and piano studio, enjoying the successes of students on a weekly basis.  But what else?  My time is filled with hiking, mountain biking, canyoneering, rock climbing, and anything outdoors.  I love to adventure.
4. Some weekends you slip away to San Diego. Besides, kickin’ it with your brother what are you doing out there? Answered above.
5. If you could pick 3 words to describe yourself what would they be? Energetic.  Creative.  Leader.
6.  If you had no constraints what would do with your life right now? I would love to backpack through Europe and  hike and canyoneer all the beautiful places of the earth.