INSPIRE Member Highlight: Michelle Moyer


Michelle Moyer


Mesa, AZ

1.How did you hear or become involved with INSPIRE?

I heard about it when I was in the play, “Price of Freedom” with Michael Sackett.

2.Besides music/singing what else are you passionate about or in what other ways do you creatively express yourself?

I love dance. I took dance for 12 years. I took ballet, lyrical, and jazz and loved performing. I did gymnastics and cheer in high school, but I really enjoy “working out” on a daily basis, especially doing cross fit. I’m also passionate about nutrition and learning to cook super healthy meals.

3. Who are your heroes?

My heroes are, of course my Savior and my former Young Women’s President, JoAnn Finter, my institute teacher, Bro. Allen and my parents. Of course there are many others.

Michelle 2

4.What is something unique about you that not many people know?

That I was born 2 weeks early accidentally on the kitchen floor. My aunt and my dad delivered me. I had a miraculous birth because I wasn’t breathing and something special happened that saved me.

5.When writing music what is your process?

Well…I have inspiration when something emotional happens to me. Then the tune and lyrics come usually at the same time and then I just put it together.

6.When you think of places/stages to perform where do you dream about singing one day?

I would love to be a guest chosen to sing a solo with the Tabernacle Choir, with Michael Buble’ on his stage anywhere, and Madison Square Garden.

Here is just one example of Michelle’s beautiful voice:

“The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert