Practice, Practice, Practice

INSPIRE is rehearsing as our new group for our upcoming firesides. We have such a wonderful and talented group right now. Here are most of the men in our group practicing the song, “Go With Me” by Kenneth Cope that is in our “Truth Restored” Program.


Kathy (yes I took this w/ Christ in the background on purpose) is one of our two wicked awesome piano players. We are so grateful for her service to INSPIRE. Not only does she play for the choir but she spends many hours helping choir members rehearse. She also puts up with the demands of Michael & I (this is no small feat).


I am being completely honest when I tell you that practice was over and everyone was just sitting around and talking. It was as if everyone likes each other or something?? But seriously, a choir that practices together, stays together!!


And So It Begins…Again

Things get easier with practice and with time and so it goes with INSPIRE. We just had our first rehearsal with the new group and Michael and I were amazed as the level of commitment and talent!

I couldn’t help but sit on the stage, staring out at the brilliant choir, and remember our humble beginnings. We had no idea, well little ideas, of how to actually run a full choral group. We learned fast.

I think I would have cried with how many talented guys we now have in the choir if I wasn’t so excited about the wicked awesome sight reading capabilities of the group. I was in awe—and in a good way.

This is going to be an epic experience for everyone involved

INSPIRE Makes Its First CD


Right around the one year mark for INSPIRE we got the opportunity to record our FIRST CD! In order to do fund our CD we ended up doing a Kickstarter Campaign. Our goal was to raise $800 in 30 days. We actually ended up raising $870 total.

For many members of INSPIRE this was the first time they had experienced recording of any kind so they were nervous but ended up doing a SUPER DUPER great job!

IMG_0078 IMG_0079


While having a blast recording INSPIRE’s first CD it was also a moment to stand back and look at all we had accomplished in our 1 year!  So thanks to all of our family, our support, donors, those who helped with the Kickstart Campaign, for those who helped with the recording and of course, to our INSPIRE family!!