INSPIRE: Youth Spotlight–Kennadi Yardley


If you Could Be A SuperHero You Would Be: I would be invisawomen!

“I sing because….” It brings me closer to the spirit.

What is one of the decisions you have made in your life that has made the greatest impact? When I decided to play basketball.

What is your current favorite song? My favorite song is Back to One by Brian McKnight.

What is one big dream you have that you hope comes true? To play in the WNBA

Tell us a little about you’re family? I have 14 people in my family and every single one of us are different. Our house can be crazy at times!

INSPIRE Spotlight: Lance Norman


Lance Norman, Bass

If you could be a Superhero You would be:
I think I’d be Ironman – love technology and all the things that are possible with it.  Other than having the little reactor in my chest, it would be awesome to fly and do all the stuff he is able to do for other people!

One Unique Thing Nobody would know about me:
 I’ll give you two –  #1 – at one time I considered becoming a professional Chef because I love to cook and make things that really taste great.  #2 –  I love working with tools or devices and learning/trying new things.  I recently discovered that I like working with fiber – like Wool or Alpaca and learning how to spin it into Yarn which can then be made into things like hats, sweaters, etc.  It’s amazing how operating a Spinning Wheel and creating something can calm and center you!  Great stress relief!

If you had 60 minutes of Freetime what would you do with it:
I’m sure part of it would be spent with my Family and making memories, but more than likely, there would be a book involved or doing Photography!

One thing on your Bucketlist:
There are so many to choose from!  I’ve always had a desire to try Skydiving – but they would probably have to push me out of the plane when it came time to jump!

I sing because:
 Music is part of who I am! From the time I was a little Boy I’ve always loved music of all kinds and been involved creating it. I’ve been blessed with an incredible ear to hear it and possible harmonies to the melody.
I’ve tried to live life without a musical outlet during College when I was so busy in Pharmacy School and it was absolutely miserable for me!  I didn’t do as well in my classes that semester because I need that outlet that Music provides.  There is something about Music that transcends words and ends up being spirit talking to spirit somehow. The Spirit is augmented and invited by music and is incredibly powerful!  Messages are carried directly to the heart and profoundly affect the people involved with it whether creating it or listening to it.  I think it is part of the Spark of Life!
 Next to Music, my next great love is Photography!  It started when I was a teenager and has continued all my life. There are so many facets to it.  Part of it is about preserving memories, but an even bigger part is opening yourself up to the incredible beauty that surrounds us everyday in so many different ways.  In order to capture the shots, you have to get out and experience life and it’s challenges.  You have to be there!  It proves to me that there is a Creator who organized this world with so many variations and so much beauty that it can overwhelm the senses at times.  I love that it uses light to create moods, feelings, and communicate.  Most of all, it forces me in my crazy life to slow down, breathe, be grateful, and notice the amazing details and similarities that are everywhere in this world and actually see them – sometimes for the first time.

Youth Spotlight: Hudson Downs


The first word we think of to describe Hudson is passionate.  He has a zest for learning with the wheels in his brain always turning.  He adds a lot of energy and humor to his family.  He’s an absolute fun person to be around.   Hudson is the 4th of 6 children in his family.  He has a twin sister, Brooklyn.  He’s a Junior in High School student with strengths in Math, Science and History.

Hudson absolutely loves participating and watching most sports.  Right now he swims competitively year-round with Mesa Aquatics Club, and on most days swims twice a day.  He just finished swimming with the high school, lettering for his 3rd year.  He’s also a certified scuba diver.

Hudson has a passion for all kinds of music.  He has an amazing talent for identifying musical artists, even dating back to the 60’s & 70’s.  He’s tough to beat in playing “Name That Artist”.  Hudson also plays the piano and trombone.  After finishing high school, he plans to serve a mission for his church and then looks forward to college.  We love having Hudson in our family because he’s a great young man with a tremendous heart.

Hudson is a Bass in INSPIRE: Youth and we are so thankful to have his powerful voice and his sight-reading abilities.  He is such a great musician and an asset to the group.

INSPIRE Spotlight: Jason Alston


Jason Alston: Tenor

1. How did you learn about INSPIRE?
I heard about INSPIRE through a friend. Amy Honka had posted that they would be having auditions, and at the time I had not been in a choir for at least a year and was ready to be back in one. Thought when I auditioned I really didn’t know much about INSPIRE. In fact I really am not one to make impulsive desicions or jump into something without having thought about it for a while. But in this case for some reason I did, and so far it has been an amazing ride!

2. What is one of your favorite things about being in INSPIRE?
One of my favorite things about being in INSPIRE is atmosphere of all the people. Micheal and Kylee and everyone that have worked to get it to where it is today have done a phenomenal job. The spirit is present in and outside of firesides, and I immediately felt welcomed into a group of wonderful people.

3. You started your own business in myropractics and it takes a lot of work. What is one of the best things about running your own business? What is one of the hardest things? It’s been an interesting journey career wise. I’ve started my own business as a myopractor, and I truly can say that God inspired me to take this path. Among many things, one of my favorite parts about having my practice, are when patients tell me the change that they have experienced. I’ve been amazed many times.
One of the hardest things, although I enjoy learning it, is learning how to own, operate, and build a business.

4. Besides singing what else do you like to do? Besides singing, I like to dance and perform, play volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee, and basically any type of card or board game out there, particularly thinking/strategy games. I enjoy having fun in general, whether it’s with friends, siblings, or nieces and nephews.

5. Pick one of your heroes and share why you admire him/her? One of my hero’s is a great friend from high school, Aaron Butler. He has always been a great example to me. If you ask me, one of his greatest traits is humility, he is extremely talented, but he wouldn’t be the person to point it out to you. I know I can always trust Aaron’s word.

6. Name one item on your bucket list? As far as my bucket list goes, one of the things that I want to do is go para-sailing! That would be awesome!


If you want to learn more about what Jason does as a Myropractor then check out his video below!

INSPIRE: Youth SPOTLIGHT – Carina Cannon

Photo on 9-11-13 at 6.29 PM #2


Carina Cannon is a member of INSPIRE: Youth and is a super talented 13 year old with an amazing voice and abilities on many instruments.  She is also a trained dancer.  Carina takes private voice an piano and has performed in many venues.  We are excited to get to know Carina better and enjoy her fun personality.  She is such an asset to the group and we are happy to have her.


This is an audio clip of Carina singing “Brave” by Sarah Bareilles during a voice/piano lesson.


1- Do you play an instrument? I play the piano

2- Where is your favorite place to sing? At the piano.

3- Who is your favorite singer/band? Cody Simpson

4- What is your first memory of singing? When I sang at my grandma’s funeral

5- What is something unique about you? I play the harp

6- What is your favorite non-musical thing to do? I love to play volleyball

Amy Honka & Mishawn Yardley Perform W/ EVMCO

Two of INSPIRE’s own members, Amy Honka (on the flute) & Mishawn Yardley (in the Grand Chorus) sang with the incredible East Valley Millennial Choir & Orchestra for three incredible performance in two nights. In fact, the choir sold out their two originally planned performances so quickly they added a third performance!

If you haven’t had a chance to experience this incredible choir you should mark your calendar’s now for their next performance. We are so proud of our INSPIRE members as they continue to share their amazing musical abilities!

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 9.27.20 PM


Millennial Choirs & Orchestras, a performing force of over 2,000 participants, and growing. From its inception in 2007, MCO has become one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world, offering superb music training and professional performance opportunities to musicians of all ages and abilities.

MCO was founded for the purpose of teaching and encouraging excellence in quality sacred and classical music. Its primary purpose is to fulfill the need for more refined music education not only among the Mormons, but also among members of all faiths. MCO provides an invaluable learning environment whereby children, youth, and adults may associate and develop talents with those who maintain upstanding values, while instilling in its participants a deep love for sacred and classical music. The organization is made up of hundreds of volunteers who represent a variety of faiths.


MCO currently rehearses in two locations: Arizona’s East Valley, and Orange County, California. In March 2013, MCO announced its third location will open in Dallas, Texas.  MCO locales house seven performance ensembles, including non-auditioned choirs for children and youth ages 4-18, and auditioned adult choirs and symphony orchestras. All ensembles have one rehearsal each week, and perform regularly in the finest concert halls in their communities. These concerts unify audiences with inspiring, refined sacred and classical music.


Symphony Orchestra
Grand Chorus
Millennial Chorus
Concert Choir
Youth Chorus
Children’s Chorus
Young Singers Chorus
Auditioned instrumentalists
Auditioned Adults
Advanced youth
High School (9th-12th grades)
Youth (6th-8th grades)
Children (2nd-5th grades)
Children (age 4 – 1st grade)


MCO exists under the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Millennial Music. Millennial Music houses Millennial Choirs & Orchestras, Millennial Music Publishing, and Millennial Composers Coalition, a group of talented composers who create fresh, current choral compositions and arrangements that are available at


MCO has released three albums: That Easter Morn (2009), Messiah in America (2011), which debuted at #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Traditional Classical chart, and its newest and highly-anticipated Christmas album, O Holy Night, released in November, 2012, landing in the top 10 of Billboard’s Traditional Classical chart for 7 weeks in a row.


To join one of MCO’s ensembles, click here.

Maddie As the Incredible Princess “Fred”


Kathy and Kylee rushed from the kickball game with “Love, Your Friend”  (see previous blog post) to see Maddie play the lead, Princess Winifred “Fred,”  in her high school musical, “Once Upon a Mattress.” Maddie and her fellow cast members were incredible and members of INSPIRE were glad to out in the audience cheering her on.

Michael Sackett Performs in “ONE NATION”


Some members of INSPIRE were excited to go to the Mesa Arts Center to watch a performance  called ” ONE NATION: A CIVIL WAR TRIBUTE. The primiere tour is a multimedia presentation, consisting of incredible vocal soloists including Michael Sackett, Rob Moffat, Amanda Crabb, and Carey Drisdom, and the American Heritage/Lyceum Philharmonic, a nationally recognized Orchestra, under the direction of Kayson Brown.  The composer of this commissioned work is Rob Moffat, and the orchestration is Rob Gardner, both from Mesa.

Michael Sackett was of the 5 soloists in the program and INSPIRE was very proud to cheer loudly.  Check out this video to get a better idea of this powerful production!

Watch this video below to hear a clip of Michael singing: