And So It Begins…Again

Things get easier with practice and with time and so it goes with INSPIRE. We just had our first rehearsal with the new group and Michael and I were amazed as the level of commitment and talent!

I couldn’t help but sit on the stage, staring out at the brilliant choir, and remember our humble beginnings. We had no idea, well little ideas, of how to actually run a full choral group. We learned fast.

I think I would have cried with how many talented guys we now have in the choir if I wasn’t so excited about the wicked awesome sight reading capabilities of the group. I was in awe—and in a good way.

This is going to be an epic experience for everyone involved

INSPIRE San Diego Choir Tour (Day 1)

Saturday June 29, 2013

9:oo AM-12:00 PM  —Tijuana Estuary Visitor Center/Service Project

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We sang, “My Kindness” A Capella for the other workers and a group of college kids and leaders who were visiting the Estuary. It was a great experience to give of our time at the Tijuana Estuary!

1:00-7:00 PM – Free time in San Diego. 


INSPIRE San Diego Choir Tour (Day 2)


Sunday June 30, 2012

8:30-9:30 AM—Performed at the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot (MCRD).


This has never happened before. We did a 40 minute program of just our music and both, “Blessings” & “I Have Seen Him” solos. This was a life changing experience.

One of INSPIRE’s members, who participated, shared her thoughts,

Being at the marine training camp in San Diego was an experience that will be forever impressed upon my mind.  I felt the influence of the Spirit of the Lord pour out upon us and trainees.  The program that we performed was all music.  I later considered whether it would have been good to have had speakers but then I felt there was something special about simply presenting the message of the restoration through music.  It was a powerful spirit that came as we sang hymns about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the blessings we receive from God.  There were a few particular young men watching that I couldn’t help but notice.  One young man was overcome by the Spirit to the point where he could hardly contain his tears as they streamed down his face.  His buddies reached over and patted him on the back.  One young man watched his brother cry and I sensed a great spirit about him, a calmness, someone converted to the gospel, and simply rejoicing in the gospel message.  I felt like many young men rejoiced with us that day.  The memory forever impressed upon me is the moment when we sang The Spirit of God.  I watched as these converted young souls mouthed the words with us of this great hymn.  It was as if they could not resist verbally rejoicing in the glorious news of the gospel.  It was a remarkable thing to see as these young men witnessed their testimony in song.  I love this work.  I love the opportunity to witness through music the reality of the Savior Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel.  (Amy Honka)

Although the Marines were allowed to clap their Branch President asked them to all stand and give INSPIRE a Marine Salute and they gave us a big Hoo-Ra! Not an eye in the choir (or the entire place for that matter) was dry!

11:30 AM-12:30 PM —Perform in the San Diego Singles Ward.

Kylee , Michael, & Ashley all got the opportunity to speak during Sacrament meeting. INSPIRE sang, “My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee” by Rob Gardner for one of the musical numbers and LaDawn and her sister, currently a sister missionary in San Diego, sang another song.

 Sister Ralyne Riggs wrote this in a letter home about the impact of INSPIRE,

…We headed to our ward where we were so blessed to have a performing group, INSPIRE from AZ, to sing, testify, and bring an amazing spirit to all of our hearts. Each testimony of the church and the Restoration made me so excited to be here sharing this incredible message with the world! As the 25 singers gathered and sang, “My Kindness Shall Not Depart From Thee”…they literally sang the first line and the spirit burned.It was so beautiful and made me reflect on my Young Ambassador days! Through the song Sister Miller and I just held each other’s hand and cried…literally…tears streaming…

Downtime Before Fireside:  Mormon Battalion, Nap Time,  Heritage Park,  & Old Town San Diego

IMG_1630 IMG_1631 IMG_1654 IMG_1636 IMG_1655 IMG_1643 IMG_1649

7:00-8:00 PM – Truth Restored fireside.

INSPIRE was excited (worn out by this time) to do a fireside for the people of San Diego. There were a lot of missionaries who brought investigators, friends, family, and hearts that had come to feel peace.

Sister Riggs continued in her letter.

INSPIRE performed their musical fireside for the YSA’s here in San Diego and it caused so many miracles! A referral was received from a girl that one of the singers invited. One of our investigators we just taught the Restoration to received answers, and had the spirit confirm through a feeling of happiness that the Restoration is all real! A guy we street contacted and invited came and he wants to learn more. The father of the family of one of our recent converts came and now wants to have missionaries over once a week and committed to our recent convert that he was going to start bringing his family to church every week!!!….It goes on and on. I am sure that’s not all that happened within the hearts of the people that night…so many miracles came from that! We are so grateful!”

INSPIRE is very grateful for Ladawn and Sister Riggs for helping to put things together in San Diego!

Josh and DallinOh, and there was a lot of driving…err sleeping.

High School Graduations & Mission Calls

INSPIRE had five of its members graduate from High School recently!  Congratulations to Hayden Dille, Laynee Overall, Maddie Williams, Samantha Smith, & Shelley Williams


Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 3.26.07 PMHayden Dille

Laynee Overall

Laynee Overall

Maddie Williams

Maddie Williams

Sam and Shelley

Samantha Smith & Shelley Williams



Hayden Dille is GOING ON A MISSON!! Hayden is going to Guatemala Guatemala City North Mission and we are very proud of him and his decision to serve a mission!!

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 3.27.04 PM

INSPIRE Volunteers W/ Cardon Children’s Medical Center

INSPIRE volunteered with Walk For Water Safety and Cardon Children’s Medical Center to put together Water Safety and Drowning Prevention bags. These bags will be handed out to families.






INSPIRE Performs for LDS Singles

INSPIRE  was invited to a special performance for a Mid-Singles (32+) activity. We were treated to dinner, dessert, and then we sang a modified version of our regular program, “Truth Restored”. The spirit was very strong and felt by everyone in attendance.





Amy Honka & Mishawn Yardley Perform W/ EVMCO

Two of INSPIRE’s own members, Amy Honka (on the flute) & Mishawn Yardley (in the Grand Chorus) sang with the incredible East Valley Millennial Choir & Orchestra for three incredible performance in two nights. In fact, the choir sold out their two originally planned performances so quickly they added a third performance!

If you haven’t had a chance to experience this incredible choir you should mark your calendar’s now for their next performance. We are so proud of our INSPIRE members as they continue to share their amazing musical abilities!

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 9.27.20 PM


Millennial Choirs & Orchestras, a performing force of over 2,000 participants, and growing. From its inception in 2007, MCO has become one of the largest organizations of its kind in the world, offering superb music training and professional performance opportunities to musicians of all ages and abilities.

MCO was founded for the purpose of teaching and encouraging excellence in quality sacred and classical music. Its primary purpose is to fulfill the need for more refined music education not only among the Mormons, but also among members of all faiths. MCO provides an invaluable learning environment whereby children, youth, and adults may associate and develop talents with those who maintain upstanding values, while instilling in its participants a deep love for sacred and classical music. The organization is made up of hundreds of volunteers who represent a variety of faiths.


MCO currently rehearses in two locations: Arizona’s East Valley, and Orange County, California. In March 2013, MCO announced its third location will open in Dallas, Texas.  MCO locales house seven performance ensembles, including non-auditioned choirs for children and youth ages 4-18, and auditioned adult choirs and symphony orchestras. All ensembles have one rehearsal each week, and perform regularly in the finest concert halls in their communities. These concerts unify audiences with inspiring, refined sacred and classical music.


Symphony Orchestra
Grand Chorus
Millennial Chorus
Concert Choir
Youth Chorus
Children’s Chorus
Young Singers Chorus
Auditioned instrumentalists
Auditioned Adults
Advanced youth
High School (9th-12th grades)
Youth (6th-8th grades)
Children (2nd-5th grades)
Children (age 4 – 1st grade)


MCO exists under the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Millennial Music. Millennial Music houses Millennial Choirs & Orchestras, Millennial Music Publishing, and Millennial Composers Coalition, a group of talented composers who create fresh, current choral compositions and arrangements that are available at


MCO has released three albums: That Easter Morn (2009), Messiah in America (2011), which debuted at #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Traditional Classical chart, and its newest and highly-anticipated Christmas album, O Holy Night, released in November, 2012, landing in the top 10 of Billboard’s Traditional Classical chart for 7 weeks in a row.


To join one of MCO’s ensembles, click here.

INSPIRE Plays Kickball W/ “Love, Your Friend”

INSPIRE was excited to play kickball with all those involved with the wonderful organization “Love, Your Friend.”  Brigham Nicoll, the President and Founder of LYF became friends with INSPIRE’s Co-Founder, Michael Sackett and that is how the two organizations started their friendship.

INSPIRE hopes to partner up with LYF in the future and would love it if anyone else wants to join us…? 🙂

Brigham, Kylee, Michael


Here is a little more information about Love, Your Friend:

Love, your Friend is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to making time for our friends with physical and intellectual disabilities. We hold monthly activities throughout the year which help us accomplish our mission.

Mission of Love, your Friend

  • Provide activities that create positive social experiences for our friends with physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • Facilitate strong and enduring friendships among our members.
  • Provide our members with experiences, opportunities and resources that empower them to accomplish their specific goals and dreams.

Maddie As the Incredible Princess “Fred”


Kathy and Kylee rushed from the kickball game with “Love, Your Friend”  (see previous blog post) to see Maddie play the lead, Princess Winifred “Fred,”  in her high school musical, “Once Upon a Mattress.” Maddie and her fellow cast members were incredible and members of INSPIRE were glad to out in the audience cheering her on.

Michael Sackett Performs in “ONE NATION”


Some members of INSPIRE were excited to go to the Mesa Arts Center to watch a performance  called ” ONE NATION: A CIVIL WAR TRIBUTE. The primiere tour is a multimedia presentation, consisting of incredible vocal soloists including Michael Sackett, Rob Moffat, Amanda Crabb, and Carey Drisdom, and the American Heritage/Lyceum Philharmonic, a nationally recognized Orchestra, under the direction of Kayson Brown.  The composer of this commissioned work is Rob Moffat, and the orchestration is Rob Gardner, both from Mesa.

Michael Sackett was of the 5 soloists in the program and INSPIRE was very proud to cheer loudly.  Check out this video to get a better idea of this powerful production!

Watch this video below to hear a clip of Michael singing: