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INSPIRE: Youth (15-18) Spotlight: Sarah Chapple

  Sarah Chapple, Alto 1. If you could trade one of your weaknesses for someone’s strength what would they be and why? (your weakness, their strength)? I would trade my anxiety and worry for the ability to have complete confidence in myself and others and not give up too easily because sometimes I am too […]

INSPIRE: Youth Auditions & Performing Groups

Here is a video we did to promote INSPIRE: Youth Auditions. We are grateful for all those who helped spread the word, volunteered to help, and of course those who showed up for the auditions. Please welcome the following performers to INSPIRE: Youth!! INSPIRE: Youth (ages 10-14) Instructors: Michael & LaDawn Andrea Judd Camryn Smelser Carina […]

INSPIRE Spotlight: Trevor Sexton

  Trevor Sexton, Bass 1. Why Medical School? Med school? I chose Naturopathic Medical school because I love to help people who are not feeling well to feel better. I like to help sad people feel happy and hurt people feel good. Addressing the deep underlying issue is one of the best ways that healing […]

INSPIRE Spotlight: Ryan Young

Ryan Young, Tenor 1. Please tell us a little more about the other choir you sing with?  I sing with the Sonoran Desert Chorale. The chorale is in it’s 20th season. The Choir is made up of school choir directors, vocal performance majors and regular Joe’s like me. The founder of the group was my […]

Thank You Donors/Backers

INSPIRE: music.service. hope is VERY grateful to all those to donated (Backers) to our “Truth Restored”  CD Kickstarter Campaign. We couldn’t have made recored or made this CD without your generous donations and support. We hope you will be part of our INSPIRE family from here on out and wanted to share your name as one […]

The Next Step…

  INSPIRE: music.service.hope is looking for spaces/places for us to hold our Youth Performing Groups after auditions in January. We are really excited about this next step in our progression. This puts us one step closer to one day having our place to call home!

INSPIRE: Youth Spotlight Brooklyn Downs

Brooklyn Downs loves to perform!  Doesn’t matter when, where or what; she’s always willing and ready to get up on the stage.  Brooklyn is a junior at Highland High School where she’s involved in band (Flute) and choir (Regional & All State member).  Over the last several years she has enjoyed participating in Studio 3 […]