Another Year Another CD

michael & Kylee  Kylee & Michael

“Come Unto Christ” (2012)



“Truth Restored” (2013)

INSPIRE: music.service.hope is excited to announce that we just recorded our 2nd CD! Both times we have recorded our  CD we have been able to fund the project through a KickStarter Campaign. To fund our first CD, “Come Unto Christ” we set a goal for $800 and raised $870. To help fund our 2nd CD, “Truth Restored” we set a goal for $1,500 and raised $1,548.

It has been exciting to see thing grown and come alive with INSPIRE in the past 2 years. Recording our 2 CD’s is just one example of our growth, experience, and the amazing people with whom we’ve surrounded ourselves. For our first CD we just relied on donations and gave our CD’s away. For this new CD we actually raised enough funds to buy the mechanical rights to the songs on the CD so that we can sell them. (we will let you know when “Truth Restored” becomes available for purchase).

One day INSPIRE will have our own recording studio and a place to call home but until that happens we are very happy to be recording where and when and with whomever we can find that wants to blow wind in our sails. We are so grateful to all of those who donated, helped with the building, the recording, and will help with the mixing, packaging, and distributing.

Here’s to another wicked awesome year and another CD!