Music Matters Fundraising Campaign

Now that INSPIRE: music.service.hope has been around for almost 4 years we are ready share the love abroad! INSPIRE has a wonderful opportunity to help set up, mentor, and help grow a music program in Bogata, Columbia.

The INSPIRE Leadership Team is going to Bogota, Columbia on October 17-24, 2015 to help set up the new music program and to prepare for our Youth Performing Group to come do a music service tour in May 2016.

Here are some of the things we plan to do on this first trip to Bogota:

–By donating to this campaign you have the opportunity to sponsor a music student in Bogota for an ENTIRE YEAR!!

–Bring supplies to Caroline, the INSPIRE: Bogota Music Director, and her students

–Give money to Caroline and INSPIRE: Bogota that we raised from CrowdRise

–Bring, t-shirts, music folders, supplies, etc.

–Make contacts and set things up for INSPIRE: Youth to come in May 2016

–Take video/pictures to use for fundraising

–Performance from students and INSPIRE Leadership

–Service Project(s)

We have some great plans but they all cost money and we really need your help to make all this happen! Please find a way to donate or spread the word about INSPIRE going to Bogota to change lives through the power of music!

Check out the Music Matters Fundraising Campaign video below and please donate what you can to help!